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Required Legal Declaration

Our goal at is to provide free information on bluegrass festivals and other related websites that might be of interest to you our visitors.

Just like everyone who values their freedom and privacy we do as well. Just so we're clear we want to let you know what information we collect from you when you visit our website.

Like millions of other websites, we use Google Analytics to analyze visitor statistics to help improve user experience and website design. Google Analytics is basically an advanced server log that uses "cookies" to record each visitors IP (internet protocol) Address, the browser used, geographical area, pages viewed, time spent on the website and other generic types of information. No personally identifying information is provided or collected.

We also use Google Adsense to provide third party advertisements to financially support this site. Google Adsense uses "cookies" to help target those ads based on geographical areas (ads for visitors from Georgia may be different from ads shown to visitors from Kentucky), previous sites visited (if you've visited Amazon recently then you may see ads for Amazon) or the content of the web page being viewed. Again, no personally identifying information is collected.

You can turn off these "cookies" in your browser settings. This can, however, reduce your web browsing experience.

Again, our goal is to provide free information on bluegrass festivals and related sites while enhancing the user experience and not to exploit your information.

Be calm, carry on and happy bluegrassing!